Below is some recent artwork and commissions that I have done. If I have done artwork or a comission for you, please email me a picture of it to To inquire about artwork or a comission, click here.

Batman and the Joker
Captain America
Captain America, Namor and The Human Torch
Batman and the Joker
Captain America
Captain America
Cap and Bucky
Captain America
Cap vs
The Golden Age
Captain America Versus
Cap, Bucky, Red Skull
Cap vs a Skrull
All Winners vs Red Skrull
A bit of the 40's
Cap on his way
Human Torch
Blonde Phantom
Blonde Phantom
Captain America
Captain America vs Hitler
The Human Torch
Cap and Bucky
Heroes Gather
Superman Cap Kapow!!!
Mad Cap Cap and Shield Cap and Team Cap, Hitler, Red Skull
Cap vs Evil Buy Us War Bonds Cap Remembers Cap vs Red Skull
The Invaders Cap and Iron Man Cap vs Thor Cap Vs Gargoyle
Cap Vs Gargoyle Buy Us Bonds Remembering Cap Peace
Cap Vs Hitler Darth Vader The Spirit Bombs Away
The Mighty Thor Thor Hulk Classic Marvel
Close Up Action Comics #1 Tribute Namor taking on an Octupus Cap Vs Bad Guys
Wolverine Cap Hits The Skull    
Robin Kayne Page
Cincy Comic Expo
Florida Supercon 2011 2011 Cincy Expo Poster
2012 Florida Supercon Cover 2012 Florida Supercon Pencil Cover 2013 Florida Supercon Pencil Cover  
A Rare Find By A Fan